Lesson of Belarusian

(Урок беларускай мовы)
A Lesson of Belarusian
Director: Miroslaw Dembinski | Producer: Miroslaw Dembinski
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2006 | Story Teller's Country: Poland

Synopsis: After the Soviet Union collapsed, Belarus became an independent country and a humanistic Lyceum was founded in Minsk with the aim of raising an elite Belarussian intelligentsia. However, in 1995, Lukashenka came into power. Democracy and freedom came to an end. Also, the Lyceum was labelled a banned institution. The Lyceum pupils did not give up though and steadfastly kept studying underground.

The presidential elections, for which Lukashenka changed the Constitution in order to be elected for a third term, is the culminating point of the film. Despite the fear of repression, thousands of people entered the streets. In the main square of Minsk, the Lyceum pupils joined forces to build a tent city, which was then brutally pacified by the militia. Hundreds of people ended up in prison. However, the Lyceum pupils did not give up. They deeply believed that one day Belarus would be a free country.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0920739/

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