Covid19 and Malign Influence Efforts

The world has been confronting a major global pandemic. The challenge is not only the disease itself, and its impact on people’s lives, but also the “infodemic” of misinformation, undermining science and creating divisions in societies during a time when a common approach and cooperation are needed. Fake news spreads as fast as the actual virus, multiplying its strength and reach.

The webinar will present and discuss malign influences, materialized in fake news, conspiracy theories and falsehoods related to COVID-19. Our prestigious speakers will provide, through case studies and experiences, a global perspective, leading to identifying noticeable sources and methods, relevant patterns, and damaging outcomes of malign influences. Speakers will explore examples from different countries, noticeable evolving trends as well as efforts to combat distortions, educate publics and have truthful narratives prevail. Q&A will follow, to address specific questions and get audience feedback.

The Webinar/Roundtable will take place between 11.00-12.30 EST via Zoom.
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Ass. Professor Nikos Panagiotou │Aristotle University, Journalism/Mass Communication│Thessaloniki

-Bob Pearson │Author, advisor and entrepreneur; USA
-Seth Jones│ Harold Brown Chair; Director, Transnational Threats Project; and Senior Adviser, International Security Program│ USA
- Franak Viacorka | Digital Communication Network | Belarus